New Product Launch – January 2015

For some companies the pressure of coming up with “what’s next” can be a daunting task.

We, on the other hand, love raising the bar and creating fresh, new and tasty products.

For example, we’re launching three new barbecue sauces; Boozy Bacon, Raspberry Chipotle and Honey Sriracha. All three are spectacular and offer big, bold, bountiful flavor and a zesty combination of ingredients. We can hardly contain our excitement for grilling season.


We also have two new delicious jams, Blueberry Rhubarb and Tropical Fruit as well as a new sweet Orange Carrot Marmalade. Sweet, juicy pineapple, mouthwatering mango, crisp coconut flakes and a hint of tart lime make our Tropical Fruit Jam remarkably light and flavorful – we guarantee you’ll taste the tropics in every bite.


For baking mixes, there are two new rich and buttery scone mixes; Chocolate Chip and a Gluten Free Traditional Scone Mix.


Your post-holiday brunches (or any occasion, really) will have more appeal with our two new Bloody Mary Mixers; a crisp Cucumber Dill and an extraordinary Peppadew® Sriracha.


For lunch, picnic or patio we have a new rich and creamy Farmhouse Mayo as well as two new crisp and crunchy tortilla chips; Blue Corn and a flavorful Sea Salt Lime that are sure to please. BLT’s anyone?


Last but not least, our line of Fine Home Keeping products will now include the fresh sweet scent of Blueberry Blossom. Because you can never have too many blueberries.


With so many new and delicious products in the pipeline, it’s obvious that we’re thinking BIG for 2015 and these great products are sure to start the year off right. Now to get started on July…

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