April Showers Bring May Flowers – And Spring Cleaning!

After a winter like we’ve had in New England this year, we can’t help but welcome spring with (very) open arms! We’re even a little excited to start our spring cleaning this year, especially with our newest Fine Home Keeping scent, Blueberry Blossom.


Made from premium essential oils, all of our Fine Home Keeping formulas feature as much fragrance as feasible for the best user experience. These essential oils are expressed from the actual fruit or botanical, which complements our simple and straightforward formulas found in these products. By keeping our Fine Home Keeping items all natural, it helps eliminate any unnecessary additives that may cause skin irritations, such as solvents, parabens or triclosan. They’re even gluten free!

The hard part is choosing which fragrance to use! Currently, we offer eight unique choices: White Pine, Lemon Parsley, Grapefruit Thyme, Maine Woods, Lavender Mint, Herbes de Provence, Coastal Breeze and Blueberry Blossom.

All of our fragrances are available in hand soap, hand lotion, dish soap and soy candles. In addition, we also offer three (White Pine, Lemon Parsley and Grapefruit Thyme) in window and counter top sprays which contain no sheeting agents and no solvents. You’ll also find Room Deodorizer & Linen Spray available in Lavender Mint and Coastal Breeze.

And just in time for spring cleaning comes our Clean Sweeps Giveaway! Read below to find out how you can score your own sets of Blueberry Blossom, Coastal Breeze and White Pine Fine Home Keeping as well as other great prizes! Don’t wait, giveaway ends Wednesday, April 29th. Good luck and happy cleaning!

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