A Twist on Jalapeño Poppers

Nothing takes the “casual” out of a spontaneous get-together like spending hours in the kitchen preparing food for your guests. Well, we have the perfect late-summer recipe for Jalapeño Poppers that take 20 minutes from prep to serve. And it includes Red Pepper Jelly – does it get much better than that?

Did you know the heat from a jalapeño comes from the veins surrounding the seeds? When you remove the seeds along with the veins, you’ll get a less spicy pepper. But oftentimes this is easier said than done. Here’s a tip for removing seeds in one easy step: Run a spoon between the skin and seeds. The seeds will come off with ease, and you’ll save yourself from those peppery-hot fingers that seem to last for hours.

Jalapeño Poppers




  1. Place prepared jalapeño peppers on a foil lined baking pan, cut side down.
  2. Place pan under broiler and cook peppers until charred and tender.
  3. Remove peppers from oven. Fill peppers with cream cheese. Return to oven and heat under broiler until cheese begins to melt. Top with Red Pepper Jelly. Serve warm.



We’d love to see how your poppers turned out! Tag us in your Instagram photos (@StonewallKitchen) or use the hashtag #StonewallKitchen.

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