Pesto Gets Non-Traditional

A jar of pesto can add bright color and flavor to fresh pasta, of course, but we’ve found there are ways to use our pestos in a variety of dishes. Check out five of our favorite recipes that incorporate pesto in inventive ways!

Spread it on a sandwich or wrap. Nothing livens up a sandwich like bright basil and Parmesan cheese. (Roasted Vegetable and Pesto Panini)


Try it for breakfast on eggs or toast. Mixing ricotta and pesto makes for a creamy, delicious breakfast toast. Top with basil, Parmesan, pine nuts and roasted tomatoes. (Pesto Roasted Tomato Toast)


Mix it into dips. Pesto is a great way to add color and flavor to homemade or store-bough hummus. (Roasted Carrot Hummus)


Add it to a pizza or flatbread. Use pesto in lieu of traditional tomato sauce to add that ‘little something extra’ to your recipe. Note: a little pesto goes a long way, so adjust the amount of sauce accordingly. (Puff Pastry Pizza)


Top chicken, pork or other proteins. Vamp up your chicken breast by topping it with pesto and cheese and placing it under the broiler. Once the cheese is bubbly, it’s ready to serve. (Pesto Chicken with Italian Three Cheese)

Which pesto is your favorite? Basil, Artichoke, Sundried Tomato or Kale & Arugula Pesto? Let us know how you use them in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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