We’re Jammin’: Jane Harvey

If you’ve visited us in York and taken a peek inside our production facility hoping to catch a glimpse of our products running that day, you might have seen a smiling face wave to you. Meet Jane!


Jane is one of our Production Line Operators and has been with us for the past 14 years. Her position is to run the equipment that fills, caps and labels all the products we make here at Stonewall Kitchen. Jane lives our core values as a team here and is always there to help when needed.  She is a huge (and proud!) fan of the New England Patriots and spending time with her family.


Q: In 14 years you’ve seen a lot of products come and go! Do you have a favorite product to make? What about a least favorite?

A: My favorite products that we make here are Seedless Red Raspberry Jam, Black Bean Salsa and of course Wild Maine Blueberry Jam. I have 2 great nieces that absolutely love our Blueberry Jam and they call it “Aunt Jane” jam! Plus, every time I run it I wear half of it on my uniform. I love to put the Seedless Red Raspberry on toast or a bagel with cream cheese. My least favorite product to make is our Roasted Garlic Bread Spread – it smells up the whole production room. The garlic makes your eyes burn!

Q: With product launches twice a year, do you always try all the new products after you make them?

A: Yes, I usually sample all the new products unless it is made with something I don’t care for – like truffles!

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: What I do in my free time is usually family oriented. It all depends on the time of year! My family loves to get together during football season and cheer our New England Patriots on! In the summer we gather at my mom’s house at the beach. My husband and I like to work around our house and keep everything looking good. We also like to drive around checking out the surrounding towns and cities – we’ll put the Garmin on in the car and just go!

Q: Why did you choose to work for Stonewall Kitchen?

A: I chose to work at Stonewall Kitchen when the job I was working at got bought out and they were relocating to California. I had just gotten married the summer before and knew I wanted to stay in Maine (my husband works at Bath Iron Works in Bath). Stonewall came to my previous job site with some open positions, I came in for an interview and thought I could fit in… I’ve been here ever since!

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