We Present – Our January 2016 New Products

We’ve been hard at work since our last product launch in July, and we’re so excited to finally share our January 2016 New Products with you. Meet the lineup!



To start, you’ll notice a whole new set of jams including our first organic line – a project we’ve been working diligently on for the past several months. You can read more about our organic jam line here if you missed our post about them yesterday. We’ve also added a Seedless Blackberry Jam and a seasonal Classic Mint Jelly.

101373_SeedlessBlackberryJam_S copyClassicMintJelly10-132_S copy

Blackberries have always been one of our favorites. Using the ripest, juiciest blackberries we could find and just a touch of pure cane sugar, this wonderfully light and tasty jam is great on muffins, toast, in hot cereal or on a peanut butter sandwich. For years our customers have asked for us to produce a Mint Jelly. Mint Jelly is one of those unique, timeless classics that complements heartier meats and game and is simply a must-have when serving lamb. We made ours with a touch of sugar, a little white grape juice and plenty of refreshing spearmint oil. It’s the perfect accent to a gourmet feast!

141132_BaconRanchDressing_S copy   141133_MapleBaconBalsamicDressing_S copy

We’ve also added two delicious salad dressings, complete with one of our favorite flavors – bacon! The first, Bacon Ranch Dressing, is rich, creamy and full flavored with bits of real bacon, celery and parsley. It has that classic buttermilk tang with an ever so slight hint of spicy cayenne pepper. Our new Maple Bacon Balsamic Dressing offers an amazing combination of sweet maple syrup and savory, smoky bacon amid a tangy and flavorful balsamic blend.

251825_AlfredoSauce_S copy251824_BasilAlfredoSauce_S copy

Our pasta sauce line has also expanded to include two alfredo sauces. Both are smooth, creamy and so full of savory flavor! Our Alfredo Sauce honors the rich tradition of the delicious Italian classic with robust cheeses and spices. Our Basil Alfredo Sauce mimics the same outstanding flavors with the addition of the fresh taste of basil. Two pantry staples that are wonderful to have on hand for quick, weeknight dinners.


You’ll notice that our mustard dips got a new look for the New Year and we added two new flavors – Horseradish Bacon and Sriracha Honey! If you crave BIG flavor, look no further than our delicious Horseradish Bacon Mustard Dip. It’s made with sweet, smooth honey, tangy Dijon mustard, crispy bacon bits and spicy horseradish for a mutilayered taste that we can’t get enough of. We feel the same way about our Sriracha Honey Mustard Dip. It’s hot and spicy, with a mild start that builds to a powerful kick to your tastebuds. We love both of these products on pretzels, sandwiches or whisked into a vinaigrette.


We’ve also introduced a new category – oatmeal. Designed to be cooked on a stovetop rather than microwaved, the four varieties feature steel cut oats that have a heartier, more full-bodied texture and delicious nutty flavor that will appeal to customers of all ages. Best of all, they can be ready in as a little as five minutes!We focused on classic flavors like Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Maple and Maple & Brown Sugar. For those that prefer to add their own flavors, we’ve added a Farmhouse Oatmeal that you can customize to your liking. Each is quick, easy, warm and perfect for people on the go who are looking for sensible and more nutritious ways to start the day.

Blueberry Maple Oatmeal Glam

We hate to pick favorites, but the Blueberry Maple is one of ours!

MapleBlueberrySyrup_S copy

And speaking of blueberry and maple, we couldn’t resist combining the two to enjoy on all our breakfast favorites. Our Maple Blueberry Syrup could also be called ‘Maine in a bottle.’ It’s made with wonderfully rich and pure maple syrup and our native sweet and famous, wild blueberries.


To compliment our new syrup, we’ve introduced two new pancake mixes to our breakfast line – Gluten Free Blueberry and Orange Cranberry. When we asked guests to sample our Gluten Free Blueberry Pancake and Waffle Mix in our test kitchen, they were shocked to find out it was gluten free! These pancakes are light, fluffy and loaded with blueberries and great taste without the gluten. Top ’em with butter and maple syrup (or Maple Blueberry Syrup?) and enjoy a great start to your day. In our new Orange Cranberry Pancake and Waffle Mix, we added tasty tart cranberries and tangy orange zest to our light and fluffy buttermilk pancake mix. We love the aroma that fills our kitchen when we make them and hope you do too!

111323_ChipotleAioli_S copy

We’d be remiss if we weren’t thinking of a new aioli to add to the collection – meet, Chipotle Aioli! We love the distinctive heat and smoky flavor of chipotle peppers, especially blended into this smooth, rich and creamy aioli. It adds an authentic Tex-Mex kick to sandwiches and is delicious used as a dip with appetizers.

Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread2

Last by not least, we took our sweet, Yankee-style cornbread over the top with cheddar cheese and just the right amount of heat from minced, dried jalapeno peppers in our new Cheddar Jalapeno Corn Bread mix. It bakes up soft and crumbly and is the perfect addition to soups, chili, salads and more.

Stay tuned for all the products to become available on our website and in our retail stores soon!

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