Freshen Up Your Spring Cleaning Products

We couldn’t be happier to welcome warmer, spring days back with open arms. To be honest, we’re even ready to get going on our spring cleaning! We credit our willingness to clean to our line of quality Fine Home Keeping Products. It’s always much nicer to clean up your home when your cleaning products smell nice, right?

Launching just over ten years ago, we first introduced our Fine Home Keeping line in September of 2006. Our original goal for our Fine Home Keeping products has remained the same throughout the years; our products must be effective with a simple and basic ingredients list and free of harmful additives. Handmade in New England, our products only use premium aromatherapy essential oils, fragrances created around kitchen and garden themes and natural ingredients. By keeping our Fine Home Keeping items all natural, it helps eliminate any unnecessary additives that may cause skin irritations, such as solvents, parabens or triclosan. They’re even gluten free!


On top of being a great pick for your skin, our scents are clean and pleasant without lingering too long. Seasonal scents vary by year, but our core line includes Maine Woods, Herbes de Provence, Coastal Breeze, Lemon Parsley, Grapefruit Thyme, Lavender Mint and White Pine, all offered year round. Each scent comes in at least four different products (hand soap, hand lotion, dish soap and a soy candle) with select scents available in additional variations like window & counter top cleanser, hand soap refills, mini lotions, hand gels and/or travel sets.

To keep your hands in tip-top shape, our lotion ingredients are very simple – just purified water, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cetyl alcohol (a fatty alcohol from coconuts, used as an emulsifier and preservative), stearyl alcohol (another fatty alcohol from coconuts, used as a humectant, emulsifier, skin softener and preservative), green tea extract, aloe vera, vitamins A, E & D, essential oils and fragrance. They are formulated to absorb thoroughly while leaving skin smooth, soothed and nourished without leaving a residue on your hands.

We believe that using a good quality hand soap also promotes healthy, moisturized hands in addition to using a good quality lotion. The vitamin rich formula you’ll find in our hand soaps is specially made from plant-based ingredients. They create a lush later that cleanses and rinses off clean, leaving hands lightly fragranced and moisturized from the natural glycerin without stripping the skin of natural oils.

While our window & countertop cleanser is natural, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still highly effective. In fact, both lavender and spearmint essential oils are known to be antibacterial (Lavender Mint) as well as lemon essential oil (Lemon Parsley). It’s a breath of fresh air (literally!) to know that by wiping down your counters, surfaces and windows with our cleaning sprays that you won’t be breathing in any fumes that can affect those with allergies and asthma. Rest assured that they will leave a streak free finish as well.

Check out some behind the scenes photos below of some Lavender Mint Hand Soap being made!




Happy spring cleaning!

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