Get Grillin’ For Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time to get together with family and friends and do a little grilling! Sometimes grilling can be a bit tricky, so here are some tips to brush up your knowledge and continue grilling like a pro.


  • Build the Heat! After turning the grill on, close the lid for 15 to 25 minutes and let the heat build. Not only does this ensure that the grill has reached the right temperature but it also kills all the unwanted bacteria that’s been hanging in there.
  • Make a brush if you don’t have one! Long-handled wire grill brushes are a must-have for grilling. Make sure to brush any debris off the grate after preheating and immediately after grilling. Don’t have a grill brush? That’s ok – put an aluminum foil ball in between chef tongs and use the aluminum foil has the brush and the chef tongs as handles!
  • Keep an eye out. If you have more than one food item on the grill, chances are they all have a different “done-time”. Make sure to keep checking and use a thermometer when necessary.
  • Use a pan. For meats that tend to fall apart easily and for small foods, place a grill pan on the grate to ensure everything stays in one piece (or doesn’t fall through the grate!).
  • Don’t get too saucy … or at least know when the right time to sauce is, especially with ribs. Sauce them during the last 30 minutes to reduce the risk of burning any sugars.
  • Keep it fresh. Make sure to use clean plates and cutting boards to prevent any raw meat contamination.
  • Let it rest. The trick to grilling meat, especially steak, is to let it rest at least 5 minutes before slicing, letting all the juices settle in.
  • Have fun and experiment! You can grill lettuce, meat, pizza, burritos – experiment with anything and don’t get too frustrated if the first try isn’t exactly how you imagined.

Test out these grilling tips on our Baby Back Ribs recipe! Our Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce is a perfect marinade to add a hint of sweetness.

Vidalia Onion Fig Glazed Baby Back Ribs




  • Place the rack of ribs in a large pot and simmer until meat becomes a bit tender. (About one hour). This prevents the sauce from burning while the ribs are on the grill.
  • For the glaze, mix the Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce with the apple juice.
  • Pre-heat grill and rub ribs with Chicken & Pork spice rub.
  • Place the ribs on the hot grill, brush on the glaze and cook until nicely browned.


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