Battle of Berries: Blackberry vs. Black Raspberry

Have you ever thought that blackberries and black raspberries are the same fruit with two different names? Trust us, you’re not alone! They’re the same color, the same size, they even come from the same family – so, it makes sense that they can get easily confused. Before the summer ends (and after reading this!) you’ll know how to distinguish between these two berries!


Black Raspberry                                                  Blackberry


Here’s the difference:

  • The first distinguishing difference between the two types of berries is the core. Blackberries have a white-colored core (pick from the stem) whereas the black raspberries, much like red raspberries, have a hollow core (picked alone from the plant).
  • Black raspberries have smaller “cells” and are covered in very small hairs. Blackberries are larger than raspberries and appear to be shiny and smooth.
  • Black raspberries can be harvested earlier than blackberries because raspberries are not as sensitive to the cold temperature.
  • Black raspberries can be less tart compared to blackberries, which are often described as sour.
  • Blackberries grow in more places – they can be found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Chile, New Zealand and of course, North America.

Both berries are excellent sources of vitamin-C and are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers.

There you have it. In the end, both are delicious and both are great additions to a variety of dishes. Enjoy this season and eat lots of berries!




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