2018 January Product Launch – Meet the Lineup!

It’s that time of year again – new year, new recipes and new products. We’ve been cooking up some delicious products here at Stonewall Kitchen and we’re excited to share them with you! For those who recently joined the Stonewall Kitchen family, every January and July, we unveil new products to our guests, both in-store and online. We’re adding over 20 new products this January, including some hot additions to our line of ghost pepper products – a request following the popularity of our Ghost Pepper Salsa. Most of our products for this year’s January launch are already available online (click here to view them!) and we’re continuing to add to our inventory over the next few weeks.  Get ready to stock your pantry with our new line up!


Introduced in July, 2016, our Ghost Pepper Salsa has become one of our hottest (literally!) and most popular products. For those who love “hotter than hot”, we’ve introduced three new products to our line of ghost pepper products: Ghost Pepper Aioli, Ghost Pepper Jelly and Ghost Pepper Queso. If you want to give your burgers some bite or make crazy hot sandwiches, our Ghost Pepper Aioli adds some serious spice. You’ve asked for a punched-up version of our Hot Pepper Jelly, so we brought in the big guns and incorporating the ultra-hot ghost peppers into our Ghost Pepper Jelly. This jelly has the sweetness of pure cane sugar and red bell peppers to help balance the spice – a perfect addition to cheese plates, appetizers or you can even use it as a glaze! The last addition to our ghost pepper line is our Ghost Pepper Queso. This spicy blend includes several types of melted cheeses, tomatoes, red bell peppers and onions for a cooling contrast to the fiery chili flavor.


We believe most things are better with a few pieces of bacon or a splash of good bourbon – so naturally, we’ve combined the two to create our Bourbon Bacon Jam. This boozy, savory jam contains real pieces of bacon and is sweetened with Maine maple syrup. This is a key ingredient to making a delicious burger. Can’t get enough bacon? Us, either. If you love to put ketchup on your eggs, you have to try our Bacon Ketchup! Combining the smoky, meaty pieces of bacon with our tangy ketchup recipe, this product elevates everything from French fries to meatloaf.


We’ve combined two of our favorite sauces in one. Our Garlic Pesto Pizza Sauce has a tomato-based pesto and includes aromatic garlic, sweet basic, savory pine nuts and salty Parmesan cheese. Spread it on some fresh dough, top with mozzarella cheese and viola! You’ve got yourself a simple pizza packed with flavor. Feeling a bit less traditional? The Garlic Pesto Pizza Sauce is delicious on roasted potatoes or as a dip for homemade breadsticks.


Toss the takeout menus and stock up on our Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce. With this sauce in your pantry, you can easily recreate the flavors of your favorite Asian takeout restaurants at home. A combination of spicy and sweet, this dipping sauce is a key ingredient for your egg rolls and dumplings or combine it with peanut butter for an easy peanut sauce.


For our savory lovers, try our Portobello Mushroom Sauce. Whether you’re craving Shepard’s Pie, a steak dish, or a super easy Stroganoff – this rich, earthy grille sauce is ready for when you crave comfort food on a crisp day. Another sauce you’ll have to try is our Mediterranean Grille Sauce. It’s like taking a mini tour of Southern Europe! Kalamata olives, green olives and capers provide salty, briny notes that are balanced with aromatic garlic, tart lemon, sweet honey and a blend of our own spices. Read the back of the label for our Mediterranean shrimp and couscous salad recipe. Yum!

Whenever we can, we always love to add a taste of New England. If you’ve ever visited New England, you know that autumn calls for trips to the orchards, where everything apple is available! Our new Apple Cider Vinaigrette captures those flavors and feelings of fall, letting you enjoy the tart taste of fresh-pressed apple cider year-round. Now – you can bring New England to you, no matter where you live!


We continue to add to our baking mixes and have added to our savory line with our Dill & Chive Crepe Mix. The subtly herbaceous blend of dried ingredients comes together with just eggs, water and a few tablespoons of butter or oil to form a light and airy batter that cooks up in minutes. Morning or night, prepare delicious, inventive meals with a friend egg, sautéed vegetables, dressed greens or melty cheese!

With a new year ahead and new products on the shelves, we know that 2018 will be full of delicious flavors and trends!  Visit us online to browse more of our new products and recipes.  Bon appetit!


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